Controversy of Essay Writing Services

Essay writing services are more than just popular. Googling just for a few seconds will give you thousand results, literally. Another fact you should know that the demand for these services is growing and it will definitely continue to grow in the near future. The main reason, why this happens is the new type of the pressure students must withstand. It is almost impossible for some of them to complete all the tasks they have. Besides studying, they must be active in sports, extracurricular activities and etc.

All of this suggests that writing a perfect essay every single time is almost impossible unless your IQ is 220. Let’s face it, most students have average intelligence, so they cannot withstand the pressure.

Controversy of essay writing services is measuring increase as well. More and more people, including professors, don’t agree that students should use this alternative. To them, this is cheating that should be eliminated from the education. It isn’t ethical and it affects the writing improvement of students.

According to a survey, conducted in the United States, back in 2005, more than 50% of students cheat. There are some insights that this number is much higher now. As we said, it is simply something that students use and they will continue to use.

Essay Writing Services: Verdict

The biggest issue, when it comes to essays is plagiarism. Almost all professors have search engines that will detect even the lowest usage of already published sentences. There are also websites that have a database of most student papers. A related illusion is that essay writing services suffer from this problem as well.

We said that it is an illusion, simply because these service providers use the same search engines and the same websites to check the papers for plagiarism. For example one of the services, Write My Essay, claims they deliver 100% original papers to students. In addition, a student will get a report of the plagiarism check.

The bottom line, at least with plagiarism topic is that essay writing service providers deliver plagiarism-free papers every single time. This is also one of the main reasons why so many students use them!

Another illusion is that poor quality of the essays is guaranteed. However, in reality, you will get a high-quality essay, simply due to the fact it may be written by a professor, says Unemployed Professors website. Companies of this type also hire editors, so each paper is checked and delivered only after it has been checked for potential errors. Note: A research has proved that essay writing companies, hire only native English writers.

The bottom line is that buying an essay online has numerous advantages, but not a single drawback. As a solution, it is more than just useful and it is probably the only thing that can help you eliminate the risk of getting a bad grade. Graduating with high grades will have a positive effect on the entire life, which makes essay writing services perfectly useful.