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Our New Books on Shelfari

Shelfari is social media site for readers supported by Amazon.
Our new library books are displayed here, complete with description and reviews.
Find what to read next by “friending” me at Monmouth Academy Library and Media Center and stop by the library to borrow it.


Get math help here!

Algebra Basics
“Show me how, now!”

Yummy Math
“Providing teachers and students with mathematics relevant to our world today…”


This site contains science, health and technology news.

ARKive (Science/Biology)
Images of life on earth. ARKive is working to create the ultimate multimedia guide to the world’s endangered animals, plants and fungi.

A great resource for all your biology questions, complete with a forum of experts, articles, tutorials, books and directories.  An interactive site for all of you biology enthusiasts, utilizing a wiki-type dictionary for the study and discussion of biology terms.

Science Magazine (available online)
American Scientists
New Scientist
Science News
Scientific American

Social Studies

Best History Sites
Created by EdTechTeacher Inc, this is an award-winning portal that contains annotated links to over 1200 history web sites as well as links to hundreds of quality K-12 history lesson plans, history teacher guides, history activities, history games, history quizzes, and more.

    History provides text articles which can also feature related video and audio clips, inter-actives, photo galleries, and TV listings for a rich experience related to the selected “topic”.

    Country Studies
    United States History
    Both of these links provide on-line versions of books previously published in hard copy by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress as part of the Country Studies/Area Handbook Series sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Army between 1986 and 1998. Each study offers a comprehensive description and analysis of the country or region’s historical setting, geography, society, economy, political system, and foreign policy.

    National Geographic Maps
    Explore the world geographically.

    World Digital Library
    International and intercultural primary materials.

    English/Language Arts

    O.W.L: Online Writing Lab from Purdue University
    If you are new to paper-writing and research, or just need to rethink your process, check out this online writing lab.
    Visit the OWL’s tips on the writing process.  Learn more about research and citation and best practices for researching and drafting.

    Absolute Shakespeare
    A resource for William Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography, and the legendary Globe Theatre.

    Visualize text with Wordshift, it turns tough text into a glossary of terms with definitions and images.

    A student search engines that offers profiles and outstanding results for thousands of famous-or infamous-people from many walks of life, professions and countries, spanning many centuries.

    For Writers:

    Enter writing contests, publish your own stories, get your stories read by others.

    Free the author in you!

    Dynamo Dictionary
    Use for vocabulary study.

    Free Rice
    Increase your vocabulary and help to end hunger by submitting one right answer at a time.

    Literacy Criticism
    Online literacy criticism guide.

    Teacher Pages

    Mr. Pascarella

    Ms. Small

    Web Search Engines

    Search smart by using the Boolean Machine when trying to narrow your results on the Internet or within databases. To a watch comprehensive summary about Boolean logic go to this this video created by the University of Aukland.

    Try any of the following academic search engines to further increase your chances of locating useful and appropriate information.

    Use this form as a guide when evaluating websites. Website_Score.pdf

    Google Scholar
    Search, find, locate and learn.

    A computational knowledge engine.

    Aiming to make academic information easily accessible to everyone.

    A search engined designed and educationally evaluated with the student in mind.

    Combines best of the “big dog” search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing to save you time.

    An educational targeted search engine for safe, authoritative
    intelligent and time saving browsing.

    A scholarly internet resource collection.

    “Two Wordy?” Use this Google based search engine to find a reading level within your comfort.

    If you insist on using only Google, use these following tips to get the most out of it.
    Get more out of Google
    Created by: HackCollege

    Interlibrary Loan

    If the MA LMC does not have the books or materials you need, please see Mrs. Kupiec to help you locate and request them from other libraries. You may start by searching for yourself in any of the following library catalogs.

    Richmond High School Library

    Hale-Dale High School Library

    Cumston Public Library


    Maine State Library


    Maine InfoNet Download Library
    Connect to this great Maine State Library resource today. Use your Cumston Library Card to get ebooks downloaded to your MAC or ereader for free.

    Google Books
    Find millions of great books you can preview or read for free.

    Digital Book Index
    Digital Book Index provides links to more than 165,000 full-text digital books from more than 1800 commercial and non-commercial publishers, universities, and various private sites. More than 140,000 of these books, texts, and documents are available free.

    Project Gutenberg
    Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks.

    Internet Archive
    Historical ebook collections.

    Follett Book Shelf
    Stay tuned for MA’s own ebooks collection.

    FAQ’s and LMC Policy

    When is the LMC open?
    7:15am to 2:45pm Monday- Friday

    Who can use the LMC?
    Students are welcome anytime with a Library Media pass. A silent study hall is scheduled this year for Period A on maroon days only. Please be respectful and flexible regarding other activities that may be scheduled in the LMC from week to week.

    A maximum of five students from any class or study hall may visit at one time. Classes/Groups are welcome to use the library with advanced notice.

    Who can help me?
    Mrs. Kupiec is alway happy to help assist in locating and evaluating appropriate print or web based materials for research or pleasure reading. She can also help with using the copier/printer located in the library or with other media equipment.

    How long can I keep my library materials?
    Books are checked out for (3) three weeks, videos or DVDs for (1) one week and magazines for (2) two days. Special due dates or reference materials (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) may also be requested. Materials can be renewed once by email or in person (as long as no one else is waiting).

    What happens if I don’t return library materials on time or lose them?
    If materials are not returned within six weeks of the check out date, ten cents per day will added to a students library account. If the value of the material is reached in overdue charges, this total will be billed to the student’s school account.

    Lost materials will be charged to the student’s school account for the full replacement value. A quality replacement will be considered in exchange,  only if presented within a reasonable amount of time (Amazon or eBay may be an affordable option versus book store pricing).

    What behavior is expected in the LMC?
    It is understood that the library is a place to quietly study, read, collaborate or use media to enrich and support the academic needs of all MA students.

    The RSU#2 Student Internet Network Access & Acceptable Use Agreement and Monmouth Academy Code of Cooperation are followed when using technology in the LMC.

    Headphones are allowed at an appropriate volume for the listener only.
    Anyone not respecting the quiet study needs of other students will be asked to leave.

    Book Club

    If anyone is interested in starting a MA Book Club please see Mrs. Kupiec. One called REST (Read, Eat and Share Together) might be a place to start.

    Social Book Sites
    If you would like to find other readers to discuss favorite books with, keep track of what you’ve read, get reviews and recommendations of what to read next, you might like to be part of one of the following social book networks.

    Good Reads
    Get book recommendations from people you know. 

    Library Thing
    Provides tools to organize your personal collection as well as find book reviews and/or people who share your reading tastes.

    Explore reading communities, find friends and discover great books.

    Your Next Read
    Discover and share great books with others.

    Book ClubEducator Resources


    Christine Goulette’s Technology Tips

    Library of Congress


Save $ and paper by entering the URL of a page you want to print into this website. It helps you remove advertising, images, navigation menus or other page elements that you don’t need/want on your hard copy. Change font size or style or combine multiple pages in to one print out. Create a printable page from your own website.

Free online study tools. Create flashcards, study and review materials and share them with your students.

    Make interactive online posters. Great for creating fun website navigation.

    Create word clouds out of text you want remembered.

    Online photo sharing.

    An Educational Apps store for teachers.

    Instructional Guides:

    Pathfinder Swap
    Find digital pathfinders to support your curriculum.

    Find strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students’ skills in a variety of curricular areas.